shoe racksDear Seville Classics:
I am so glad your product line exists! If it weren’t for your convenient options for closet spaces, such as your awesome shoe racks and laundry sorters, my fiancé may have broken up with me and I’d be looking for a new place to live.
My fiancé and I are getting married in November, so we decided to move in together ahead of time. We didn’t want to worry about moving and all that during the wedding preparations or our honeymoon. I knew there would be some compromises made and an adjustment period, but my fiancé was a bit more naïve. He’s lived alone in his house for over five years—not only was he not used to sharing his space, he’d never lived with a woman before! He honestly thought that if he bought a couple of storage cabinets and put them in the garage, we would be all set.
When the movers unloaded all the boxes labeled “closet,” my fiancé almost had a heart attack. He swore he’d never seen so many shoes in his life, and the shoe boxes just kept coming. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a fashionista, so I’ve got a shoe collection to die for—and I wasn’t about to give any of these precious gems up. Luckily, a girlfriend told me to get some shoe racks. I was able to ditch all the shoe boxes, which definitely saved space, and fit them all in our closet and the one in the guest room. Once they were all arranged, he didn’t even notice the difference!
Did I mention he’s a bit of a germaphobe? I swear, he borders on OCD with it, but I learned this early on in the relationship and still love him despite this weird obsession. He literally wanted us to have separate laundry sorters because he didn’t want our dirty clothes touching each other! Again, Seville Classics to the rescue— I was able to get one in the perfect size that has separate compartments so he wouldn’t freak out.
Cohabitating is a big step so I definitely appreciated all the little things that have made the transition easier for both of us. While we did still have to get some storage cabinets and put them in the garage for the many boxes that came with me, we’ve been able to make the adjustment to sharing half our space smoother and a fun learning experience. Compromise has almost become a game for us when it comes to our living space—whoever comes up with the best solution in the shortest amount of time wins the prize every time!
—From an appreciative fiancée who didn’t get jilted