When you hear the word “clutter,” it may conjure up images of a lawn full of garbage, overstuffed closets, boxes that take over the garage and chrome wire shelving on the brink of collapse due to overloaded junk. It evokes a feeling of general disarray and disorganization.
Even if the clutter in your life doesn’t reach hoarder proportions, it can still cause problems, create stress and be an embarrassment when seen by friends, family and neighbors. Have you ever found yourself lost in your garage storage shelving, trying to find that tool you so desperately need, but it’s nowhere to be found among the extraneous junk you’re hanging on to? Or on your knees in your closet, tearing your shoe racks apart looking for the mate to the only pair that matches your outfit?
Clutter definitely keeps you from finding things you need, but it does more than that—it can actually hinder your ability to function. While over-filled chrome wire shelving can keep you from knowing what you do or don’t have, it can also create a stressful environment that you cannot relax or be productive in. For some people, too much clutter can even cause anxiety.
Physical clutter can be defined as possessions with no purpose that are out of alignment with our goals, purpose and image, and do not enhance our lives in any way. The scary thing is, many people fill their garages with these kind of possessions, loading garage storage shelving with unlabelled boxes, thinking that they’ll go through it all some other time.
In reality, you’ll only maximize your own efficiency and productivity when you create an environment that is clutter-free. The less items in your space, the better you can think, relax and create. Take an inventory of all your possessions, starting with one area or room at a time. Assess your possessions and immediately do away with anything that is broken beyond repair. If you’ve been promising yourself you’d get something fixed for ages, it’s time to give up on that idea and throw it away. If you’re storing old gifts that you do not actually like, definitely eliminate them—give them to charity.
When going through your closet, assess your wardrobe. Eliminate anything that is the wrong size or that you haven’t worn in a year. Look at your shoe racks with brutal honesty—are they overflowing with shoes you wear daily or are you “storing” some for another time?
When it comes to your garage, don't think of it as a storage facility. Only keep what you really need to be in there, and get garage storage shelving and cabinets to keep things off the ground and easy to find.
Simplify and streamline your life—eliminating clutter and getting organized will improve your life in too many ways to count, from saving time in the morning to boosting your overall wellness.