Nothing is worse than wasting time trying to find things or forgetting where things are. Why create unnecessary stress in your life when you can do a few simple tasks, like buying wire shelves and a few storage cabinets, to eliminate all your disarray?
You don’t have to be obsessive-compulsive to get organized. Start by designating an area for everything in your life that is loose and then install some wire shelves to put them in. You can label those areas if this helps you. All you have to do is make sure you put things back in the right place when you are done using them, and you can easily stay organized.
Don’t try to conquer all of your disorder at once. Start with one area of the house. It could be the garage, and you can simply buy some cabinets for garage storage and you can lump certain things in certain spaces and slowly start to organize within each space or cabinet. Do one chunk at a time and then progress to other chunks as you get further along.
It’s also good to clean as you go along. Instead of doing an entire spring cleaning, which can be very exhausting and time consuming, clean each space as you start to put it into order.
Another thing to do is to keep certain information in one designated place- for instance, have shelves or file folders designated for household information, warranties, finance or personal information so that you can access it quickly and easily, especially in the case of an emergency. It’s also good to keep a simple filing system—the more elaborate or complicated it gets, the easier it is to mis-file something or put it in the wrong place. Perhaps you should have an inbox for the things that are urgent, such as current bulls or info needed for upcoming appointments.