Moving in!When I moved in with my new boyfriend, I have to say I was beyond overwhelmed. I grew up an only child, so I’m used to having my own space. I never had to worry about shelving for garage storage, cabinets, shoe racks or anything like that—I had an entire room in my old apartment just for my shoes and clothes!
My life changed entirely when we started cohabitating. I had to get used to his quirks and habits, the differences of living with someone else for the first time and I had to adapt to share my living space with a messy boy! After just a few days, I was already having anxiety.
I was just about to throw in the towel and move out, but first I talked to a couple of my girlfriends. They told me I was being ridiculous, and that if I just created a strategy for de-cluttering and picked a couple of simple things like wire shelves, laundry sorters and shoe racks, I would be set.
The next night, instead of staying late at work in order to avoid the overwhelming mess that was our townhouse, I stopped by a store to pick up a few organizational tools. I started with some garage storage shelving and a couple of laundry sorters and headed home armed with a little strategy. First things first—I boxed up everything we don’t use in our daily life, labeled it all and relocated these things to the garage.
That eliminated that feeling of immediate anxiety I’d experiences every night when I walked into the house. Next up, paperwork. I hit the room we shared as an office and installed wire shelves on each side of the desk so that we could separate all our filing and books. Office makeover, check! My energy was already revitalized.
The mess in the bedroom added up quickly, so I saved that for last and then commenced my attack. I set us each up with laundry sorters so we could keep our clothing separate and so that my boyfriend could learn little tips like not putting whites with darks. By getting some shoe racks, I was able to keep my designer collection more streamlined, off the floor and away from his athletic shoes and booths.
Finally, I’m no longer embarrassed to have my friends over to see our new place! Our home feels more like a sanctuary from stress and we can actually relax. Now I have time to plan a housewarming party!
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