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August 20, 2012 15:36

Rate : 5 out of 5 Stars

As an adult, I like to keep my laundry sorted. As an adult male, I also like to throw my laundry in a basket from a long distance to pretend I'm a basketball player, as my wife rolls her eyes. With this laundry cart, not only can I segregate my laundry as needed, but my shot ability just went up 3x. I may have to grab it out of a bag and put it in the right one, but nevertheless. Swish! Now to brass tacks...the assembly was very simple - I saw some folks having a bit of a problem with it but things came together quite easily for myself. Early on, we stuffed one of the bags too full - a higher capacity dryer doesn't automatically mean the bags suddenly gain capacity also - and it tore about 5" along the seam, but that was sewed up easily with no further issues. The extension bar at the top is great when you remove a dryer full of clothes, and that one pair of jeans is still just a tiiiiny bit wet in the pockets and you want to hang them for a bit. Also, very very useful when you have a bunch of shirts to iron and don't want to make multiple trips back and forth between the closet and the ironing board. For the cherry on top, the handle bar that runs through the bags happens to fit itself perfectly in a groove on the top of the dryer's door, letting me hang the bag "over" the door and allowing me to use both hands to pull the clean clothes out, stuff them in the bag, and wheel everything the length of our house from laundry room to bedroom. At some point, since chrome color isn't really our aesthetic, I might try to construct a replica of the frame with wood dowling...but first I need to work on my three-pointers more.