Product Reviews

Elena J. Mccants

August 20, 2012 15:39

Rate : 5 out of 5 Stars

I finally decided to renovate my small laundry room (new shelving, flooring, paint) and needed a more convenient place to store dirty laundry (I had been using a large Rubbermaid tub). I looked at many laundry baskets and settled on this one for three reason: quality craftsmanship, 3 sorting compartments, and size. Size was very important because space is limited in my small laundry room. With the hanging bar lowered, the assembled cart measures 33-1/8"(W) x 18-1/8"(D) x 41-3/8"(H). Without the hanging bar, it's 30-3/4"(W) x 18-1/8"(D) x 36-1/2"(H). I had to push my washer back a little (about an inch) to create the right amount of space for this laundry cart. It fits perfectly! And it's easy to roll out when I want to step into the laundry room. The 3 hanging baskets are made of high quality material (sail cloth, I think) with strong stitching and their metal handles/hanging bars are made of a thick, high quality metal. Where the metal handles rest over the sides of the cart, they are covered with plastic sleeves that prevent any metal on metal sound; and they glide easily. Each basket holds a full load of clothes (for a large capacity tub) and is easily removed from the cart so you can dump the whole basket into the washer (it's best, but not necessary, to raise the hanging bar first). The frame of the cart is well made of quality materials. The metal tubes that form the frame are thick and sturdy and won't bend or dent. The casters glide very smoothly. The plastic/rubber connectors (the black pieces on the hanging bar shown in the product photo) are also high quality material that is not likely to dry out and crack some day. The end caps on the hanging bar are designed to not only cover the sharp edge of the metal tubing, but also to keep clothes hangers from slipping off the bar. Assembly was easy, but you have to check it for squareness. When I assembled it, it was not square. I had to loosen the screws, make sure the frame was square (using the metal rack that forms the bottom as a guide), then tighten the screws while keeping the frame square. I am so glad I spent more for a good quality laundry cart that suits my needs. I love the sturdiness of it, the easy glide of the casters, the high quality material of the baskets, and the beauty of its design. It's not often you find a well-made, beautiful product at a reasonable price. At first I was a little apprehensive about spending more for a laundry basket, but this one was well worth it. Now, doing laundry is convenient. I don't have to sort because it's already done. I don't have to dump dirty clothes on the floor for sorting. I just pick up a basket and dump it into the tub. Easy. Convenient.