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July 01, 2015 19:23

I LOVE this little cart. I'm getting another one. Actually, over a year ago, I discovered Seville, when I rebuilt my closet with their shelving. Then, I started on the kitchen rebuild with wire shelving, stainless steel and butcher block tops. It is AWESOME!! And not nearly the expense of traditional kitchen cabinetry. I love the 'open' feel of the kitchen, and it looks so fresh and clean all the time! Believe it or not, I did most of the work on the kitchen redo myself (69 yr old woman). It was easy with Seville. Thanks for great products!!!


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November 11, 2015 13:25

I had the same idea! Next house will be all mobile carts in my Butler pantry kitchen, maybe a couple of the stainless-steel top work tables. My husband has agreed he can have a small kitchen with wood cabinets if he feels the need, but I do not. We plan a door and a pass-thru from my back-room kitchen to the serving and seating island area. Best idea is that I can reset the shelving to whatever height I need as I change mixers, breadmakers, and other large bulky items out.