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December 31, 1969 19:00


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February 05, 2012 20:57

I could not find area to make my own comment so here goes: I bought this item for my wife to put her jewelry making beads etc in. I had one shelf that had a corner broke. Called Seville and they sent one out immediately at their cost, totally. We are satisfied with the quality of this product, I mean it is not like a metal shelving system but it will suffice. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs light shelving.

Seville Classics

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October 09, 2012 15:25

bml, We are sorry to hear that this product did not meet your expectation. Feel free to give us a call if there is something we can assist you with. Thanks, Seville Classics


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January 21, 2013 14:43

I have the SAME problem with mine and I have a brown one as well....it's like they drawers are 1/4 inch too narrow for the runner spacing. Sounds like someone needs a new quality control department


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January 26, 2013 14:17

I had the same problem with the drawers. They fall out if you pull them out more than a few inches. Is there a way to fix this?


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August 16, 2013 21:23

Take out the drawers and very carefully push the two sides together very gently. The drawers should stay in.