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Aaron, FL

October 22, 2011 20:08

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Just put this together, wow what a chore. Very nice unit when complete but way too many screws. If you dont have a drill/driver dont even try it. Its heavy duty and will last for years. The only other con is the wheels, two are locking swivel wheels but the other two are stationary. It takes some manuervuring to get it moved. The other pieces of this set that I have came with 4 swivel wheels.

Matthew Jones

Initial Post:
April 22, 2014 14:00

I agree about the wheels. I'd have willingly paid for two additional swivel wheels.


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June 19, 2015 17:59

if you can't assemble this workbench you don't need a workbench. Seriously, too many screws?


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January 31, 2016 19:19

I am a lightweight female and did this all by myself except for lifting the top and flipping it upright. Very easy! Great workmanship. If the holes don't match, they are placed incorrectly. I totally agree about the stationary wheels. Horrible to move because of them. Order two more swivels. WORTH it!