Product Reviews

Orlando T.

March 19, 2015 12:32

This is one great to have kitchen work station. I have a small 2 room apartment (that's what they call it for commercial reasons). In other words, a studio apartment. Fortunately it has a separate kitchen albeit kind of small. So space is a luxury I do not have. And this rack fits the bill according to the space I do have. The shelves are only 14" wide but let's face it, how much do they use in a restaurant? And then you look at the fact that you have 3 of them and what you actually have are 42" of counter space to do what ever you are doing. It is well made and totally sturdy. The rubber wood board is one attractive element and very good wood. I do not cut on it because you want to take care of things so that they last all that they can. After all, wood cannot damage steel, can it? Buy it. You'll love it!