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January 05, 2013 14:12

Rate : 4 out of 5 Stars

Further to my review. I found a Seville Classics "tutorial" on You Tube; it did not clearly show assemble or address how a person might unknowingly fail. I did find the solution. The paper instructions show in step 3 fastening a pair of slip sleeves, As noted before the drawing does not match the product part. The instruction and drawing show the "tab" projecting in a clockwise direction as you look at the drawing. If you try to assemble this way, then you will fail. The part is shown upside down. If you reverse it so that the tab extends in a counter-clockwise position then the part will easily assemble. I can't believe you haven't fixed this drawing. I bought your product well over a year ago and just opened it. The instruction sheet in the box and on your website are the same; both wrong. Fix your instructions and your rating will be higher. Customers shouldn't have to guess or "modify" your instructions to properly assemble your product.