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Charles Cavanaugh, AL

September 29, 2009 20:38

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I have 3 of these units in place right now; I may get a couple more. These excellent cabinets keep valuable items secure, and go together without a hitch, as all the products manufactured by Seville Classics. Being a toolmaker for over 30 years, I recognize quality in manufactured products. no burrs around holes to interfere with assembly, no razor-sharp edges to cut you without warning, we've all been there, where a company doesn't maintain its dies, leaving flaws in various parts, but I have NEVER had this problem with anything bought from this company. I do have a couple of thousand dollars worth of their products, and consider these products "TOP OF The Line," and this comes from someone who has actually built dies to produce this type of stamped products, so I know what to look for. My Professional opinion is that the quality, strength, and value are built into everything I've encountered so far, and they always include an extra screw, washer, etc. I've never had to call them because parts were left out of the box. That right there says a lot in my book.


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March 17, 2015 13:44

I was a toolmaker also.i have been ready to buy a whole set to line my garage. The only concern I have is the stainless steel is 400 series stainless. Put a magnet on yours. The 400 series stainless will rust over time. I am concerned greatly over this with that over time with the dampness of a garage and the various chemicals and solvents customarily store in my garage that there will be a lot of rusty doors? How long have you owned your?