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May 30, 2013 19:47

Rate : 5 out of 5 Stars

I have to agree with most everyone else about this cabinet. It is high-quality and is a very good value. I have been looking for a good, sturdy, lockable cabinet for a while, and when I saw this one at Samís Club, I bought it. I also agree that it went together rather easily. I particularly liked the fact that each section of the cabinet has a label on it that tells what it is and gives its proper orientation. It really helps in quickly determining which part goes where and whether it is right side up or left or right. The only problem I found with the instructions was in Step 1, which instructs that the Right Panel (#2) be placed on the ground vertically...and then tells you to place the top Panel next to the Left Panel (#1). If you look at the diagram, there is no problem, but the instructions should be modified to initially specify putting both right and left panels on the ground (floor). The inclusion of a magnetized screw driver and one extra of each of the screws in a separate package was also a really nice touch. However, I would also agree with other viewers that you use a battery-operated drill or screw driver as there are about 120 screws that have to be put in place. I would also agree wholeheartedly with the reviewer who suggested that a fourth removable shelf be included in the package. Not withstanding that, you can get extra shelves for a reasonable price, which I plan to do. All in all, I am very pleased with this product and will likely buy more.