Product Reviews

Tom Dilatush, Jamul, California

August 13, 2013 20:11

Rate : 5 out of 5 Stars

The cabinet is beautiful, well-designed, and entirely practical. It arrived unassembled, so this morning I set out to put it together. Opening its box was a treat: instead of the usual poor packing, broken or missing parts, etc., I had an Apple-like out-of-box experience: everything was perfect. Literally. The packing was superb. Every part was present (and labeled!). Every part was undamaged. Already the experience was unusually good. Then I started the assembly. The directions were clear and very well illustrated, with no mistakes in either the writing or drawings. Even better, the parts all fit perfectly - ever single one. I've assembled quite a few metal objects, and I know that usually a rubber mallet is an essential tool. Not this time. Every single bolt was dead center in the pre-punched hole. Every part's alignment was perfect (no small feat on a cabinet this big). There are no nuts in the entire cabinet - instead, every bolt screws into a pre-mounted T-nut. The whole assembly was awesomely easy and problem-free. Even the doors were perfectly aligned on the first try - something my prior experience would suggest is nigh on impossible. Before I wrote this review, I wracked my brain trying to think of something critical to say. I finally came up with one thing: the labels removed easily from the powder-coated parts, but on the two polished stainless steel doors I had to resort to Goo-be-Gone to remove the adhesive. That's it. That's the only critical comment I could come up with, and that ain't much. Kudos to Seville Classics for coming up with a, well, CLASSIC!