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October 06, 2012 15:54

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I have the rolling cabinet and bench as well. Everything went together very nicely with all products. The only difficulty I have is installing these cabinets to the wall so my cabinets are touching each other, as shown in the garage workshop photo. Since the hang brackets recess into the receiving end of the cabinet back, there is no overlap to connect into the same stud so the next cabinet sides are touching the prior one and also into the stud. To me it appears you must first securely attach a 2x4 across the entire wall and mount the hang brackets onto the 2x4 so that they don't rip down out of the wall if mounting directly into dry wall. It appears if you have any items of weight in the cabinets, they would rip out of the drywall no matter what type of drywall attachment device you might use.


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November 11, 2012 11:35

Attaching to drywall only??? Terrible idea - Ever hear of a stud finder?


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March 03, 2013 17:55

I found the same issue and it is quite frustrating. If you hang the brackets according to the instructions, and you have studs 16" on center, you CANNOT hang them together so that the sides of the cabinets are touching. You have to have an 8" space between cabinets. This was not obvious until you hang the first one and then start to hang the second one and realize that you cannot hang them next to each other. I bought six of them, hoping to hang them together as shown in the picture on the box. However, to do that, I am going to have to take down the one that I already hung, get two 12-foot long 1x4s, mount them into the studs, then mount the cabinet hangers to the 1x4s so I can put them close enough together so that the sides of the cabinets will be touching. It's deceiving to show them hung together in a picture on the box but you cannot hang them that way if you follow the instructions. Otherwise, they are great!


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May 15, 2014 17:03

Same as Dave. TJ, nice knee jerk answer. I ended up cutting off up to 2" of the wall brackets so that I could hang them next to each other and be able to utilize two studs per cabinet wall bracket. The middle cabinet bracket anchor is drilled into a single stud and is close to the center of the cabinet, sandwiched between the other 2 cabinets for support. I will need to attach all cabinets together in the front with some fabricated T brackets and self tapping screws. The cabinets are sturdy and look good to go along with the rest of the ultra cabinets and work benches.