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Amy K

July 14, 2012 14:55

Rate : 5 out of 5 Stars

We bought this work bench at Sam's club. What a steal at under $200. We planned on making work benches for our shop, but we couldn't pass this one up. Since it would cost us more to make the same workbench. The quality is awesome - this bench is extremely well made and sturdy. The table top is solid thick wood. The feet allowed us to level the table on our cement floor. The height is perfect for standing or sitting on a work stool for more detailed tasks. The best part was how easy it was to assemble. 1 person can do the job easily. The packaging engineers deserve a raise for this one...the table stop stays in the box, and everything is build upside down, one bolt head size and it take about 3 minutes to tight everything down with a power tool, maybe a bit longer with a ratchet or the provided hand wrench. We bought the wall cabinets and taller cabinet on casters at Sam's as well...great products all around!