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Charles Cavanaugh, AL

September 21, 2009 21:49

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I love this bench. I've recently set up a home workshop, and this bench is just what the Dr. ordered. Having been a machinist/tool and die maker for over 30 years, I recognize quality in manufacturing, and this bench is just the right height, weather you're sitting or standing, the wood top doesn't conduct electricity, so if something electrical or electronic tipped over accidently while you were working on it, the table top wouldn't present a shock hazard. I recommend waxing it, and putting a protective mat on it, to maintain its beauty. I assembled it by myself, got it into position, and leveled it, using the included leveling feet. (make sure all 6 are in solid contact with the floor for maximum strength) After leveling, I laid a 1" dia. ball bearing in the center of the bench, it didn't move a bit. I recommend this bench to anyone who needs a high quality bench at a great price; the customers that have come by complement me on my bench, and a great bench like this projects professionalism, which gains a potential customer's confidence. I also have the HD rolling cabinet, and two of the Hd tall cabinets, and am pleased as punch with it all. You can't go wrong with this product.

John Baucom

Initial Post:
December 01, 2011 1:18

Can you add the wheel kits to this bench similar to rolling bench with 12 drawers that sits on swiveling wheels?

Amy K

In reply to an earlier post:
July 14, 2012 15:02

[Quote: Can you add the wheel kits to this bench similar to rolling bench with 12 drawers that sits on swiveling wheels?]

You could most certainly add casters to this table. We considered it, but decided against it, because it would compromise the leveling and 'sturdiness' a bit. The leveling feet thread into the legs, you would use threaded stem casters in the same manner. I think a 1/2" dia would work, but you may want to double check that.


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January 05, 2013 6:01

I also bought 2 of these benches and the rolling cast. the benches are strong enough to take a pounding and still look beautiful. wonderful products at a very good price...