Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning is a well-known concept, but how many of us actually take the time to deep-clean the entire house? It may feel overwhelming to go room-by-room and clean every surface, but it's necessary if you want to maintain your living space. Below, we've shared a spring cleaning checklist that will help you transform your home in a single weekend-or even a day (if you're feeling ambitious.)

With a lengthy list of chores, it helps to finish the most intimidating tasks first, and the kitchen is the perfect place to start your spring cleaning. A kitchen island cart can help you stay organized and keeps spring cleaning from turning into a chore. During the year, your appliances also accumulate grease and food stains, and they'll benefit from a soak in hot water with lemon juice.

Next, it's time to make the bathroom shiny and spotless. We recommend buying some tough cleaning products, spraying them on bathroom surfaces, and wiping them down 10 to 15 minutes later. Meanwhile, you can prep some warm soapy water and mop down the floors. A laundry sorter can help keep clothes of the floor and your bathroom tidy. And don't forget to clean behind the toilet!

After a well-deserved lunch break, you can move into the bedrooms. First, pull back the curtains and let in some sunlight and fresh air. Your house cleaning checklist is mostly about dealing with grime and dust, but it's also a chance to let your home breathe after a long winter. Meanwhile, if you need a durable storage solution, we recommend the UltraHD Locker Gear Cabinet for any cluttered bedroom or closet.

Family Room and Dining Room
Now, you can focus on the area where your family probably spends the most time together. This is a great opportunity to vacuum inside the couch cushions, buff your furniture, and dust those hard-to-reach places. After you finish the spring cleaning list, you'll be ready to order takeout and put your feet up (with shoes off, of course!). Or, get to work with a mobile desk cart.

Finally, you can declutter your garage and refresh your work area. It's worth the effort, especially when you make enough room to house your car and work on DIY projects. Start by taking everything out of the garage and deliberately sorting through it. If it doesn't get regular use, donate it to a thrift store! The rest of your valuable items can go into a rolling storage cabinet. And when you finally have enough floor space, it's time to invest in a proper workbench.

Ready to spring into action? We hope this house cleaning checklist comes in handy. If you need an industrial bin for throwing items away when working through the house, try the UltraHD Wheeled Trash Bin. To learn more cleaning tips, visit our blogPinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!

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