Large Steel Mesh Flatware Utensil Cutlery Desk Drawer Tray Organizer Set, White

Organize your kitchen and tidy cluttered drawers with the Seville Classics Large Steel Mesh Flatware Utensil Cutlery Desk Drawer Tray Organizer Set. The pack includes 2 separate 3-compartment and 6-compartment tray organizers. Both are constructed from steel mesh with thick, wire frames, and coated in a bright white epoxy powder coat. The vertical compartment dividers have convenient gaps allowing users to grasp handles easily. Each unit measures 16" L x 11.25" W x 2" H.

Includes one 6-compartment organizer. The 3 bottom compartments feature split dividers and are ideal for every-day utensils like spoons, forks and knives. The 2 upper compartments have closed dividers and are ideal for storing more lightly used flatware and extra utensils. Store commonly used long utensils and cutlery like chopsticks, carving knives, whisks and spatulas in the extra-long compartment

Includes one 3-compartment organizer. The 3 extra-long, extra-wide compartments are ideal for larger kitchen gadgets like ladles, shears, ice cream scoops, pizza wheels, tenderizers, peelers, can openers, potato mashers, tongs, measuring cups and spoons.

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  • Includes 3- and 6-compartment drawer tray organizers
  • 100% industrial-strength steel construction
  • Decoratively-designed wire mesh for subtle elegance, ventilation and visibility
  • Thick steel wire frame
  • Perfect for storing utensils in kitchen drawers and miscellaneous storage around the house
  • Smooth white epoxy finish provides necessary corrosion resistance in dry environments

Limited 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Seville Classics products are backed by a 1-year limited warranty unless otherwise specified. The warranty protects against original defects in material or workmanship under normal home or office use for the duration of the warranty period.



  • Dimensions: 16" L x 11.25" W x 2" H each
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs.
  • Model #: WEB477

What's in the Box?

  • 1 6-compartment drawer organizer tray
  • 1 3-compartment drawer organizer tray