Seville Classics - 18-Inch by 18-Inch Chrome Ultra Durable Steel Wire Shelf

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Phoenix Pastry Chef

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September 14, 2012 20:37

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Look closely at the image. This 18 x 18 wire shelf isn't like other wire shelving. One side, the front, has a very low lip, the other three have the edges welded on the upper side to help retain items on the shelf. Essentially, these three sides are the opposite of normal wire shelving. This was perfect for me, as I am using the shelves to create a storage unit for bottles of liquids and wanted something to help keep the bottles on the shelves. Yes, I got some shelf ledges from ULINE as well, but this design is super-secure. The size was convenient for my needs, and they are very sturdy. I have them leaded with about 80 pounds of inventory without any issues, I'm sure they could hold a lot more weight.

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